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Anhui Xiehecheng

Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Anhui Xiehecheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Anhui Xiehecheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company mainly engaged in the production of oral solid preparations and traditional Chinese medicine extracts. It was incorporated in March 2014 and passed GMP certification in November 2015. It has a comprehensive production line of three dosage forms of hard capsules, tablets and granules and a Chinese medicine extraction workshop. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anhui Xiehe Cheng Pharmaceutical Pieces Co., Ltd.
Anhui Xiehecheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 10 million granules, 300 million hard capsules and 300 million tablets of traditional Chinese medicine oral solid preparation production line. It has an annual Chinese medicine extraction workshop for extracting 1,500 tons of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. There are complete public utilities and auxiliary facilities such as water supply, steam supply, sewage treatment, power supply and distribution, and warehousing. Establish a relatively complete production quality management system. At present, the company owns six national medicine quasi-word products of Pearl Ganoderma lucidum tablets, Fengtong'an capsules, Jiangzhining granules, Banlangen granules, Xiaochaihu granules and pediatric aminophenol huangnamin granules. The company's formula pellets have been exported to the United States, Hungary, South Korea, Singapore and other countries. The quality is in full compliance with the requirements of the importing country, especially in terms of product safety indicators such as heavy metals, aflatoxins, pesticide residues and so on.
In August 2016, the company was approved by the Anhui Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security to establish the seventh batch of provincial post-doctoral research stations. In November 2016, the company hired Professor of China Pharmaceutical University and Academician Wang Guangji of the Chinese Academy of Engineering to set up an academician workstation, mainly engaged in the industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, the development of new drugs and health products, and the quality research work of the standard of decoction pieces. Officially listed in May. The pilot production workshop (500 square meters) and laboratory (1000 square meters) for the construction of formula pellets have been started, and related equipment and inspection instruments have been ordered. The company has designed a new formulation granule production workshop. It plans to extract 3,000 tons of traditional Chinese medicine pieces and 100 million bags of granules.
In June 2017, four units including the Provincial Food and Drug Administration jointly issued a notice, and our company was identified as “Auxiliary Research Unit of Chinese Medicine Formula Granules in Anhui Province”, with a total of 6 in the province. As a pilot unit, it is possible to pilot research and production of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules and use them in clinical hospitals registered with the local provincial drug regulatory authority. This is conducive to our company to seize the opportunity of Chinese medicine formula granules and seize development opportunities. The company organized a scientific research team to vigorously carry out the research on the granule process and quality standards of traditional Chinese medicine formulas, and strived to complete the research on the production process and standards of more than 500 formula granules, and successfully passed the filing. At present, the filing materials of 50 Chinese medicine formula granules have been submitted to the Anhui Food and Drug Administration.