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Chairman's speech

Dear friends and colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry:
Over the years, our company has abide by the concept of "Shenghe supreme, integrity management", to do a good job in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, to play its leading role, to adapt to the needs of internationalization, to build innovative enterprises, the company continues to grow and develop in the process of progress, benefits Year after year, it has achieved brilliant results. Since we started our business, we have always believed in:
  Customersatisfaction and praise are the most important yardstick for measuring the performance of our workforce.
  Employeesare the company's most important asset. The improvement of employees' quality and professional knowledge is the growth of our company's wealth. The improvement of employee welfare and living standards is the embodiment of our company's business performance.
  Productquality and service quality are the lifeline of the company's development; product program improvement and innovation is every step of our company's development.
  The development and development of the market, whether at home or at home, will temper and grow our extraordinary hard work.
  Innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. The key to the core competitiveness of an enterprise lies in the research and development of advanced technologies and products, on the efficient condensing of scientific research results and the industrialization of its value.
  The cornerstone and policy for managing all activities of the company is: people-oriented, solid and prosperous!
——Today, we are facing a new era of rapid development of science and technology, information and industrial transfer, taking the industrialization of the group and the development of export-oriented economy as the mainstay, diversifying high-quality and integrating favorable resources, industrial advantages and market tapping potential, and marching into the pharmaceutical industry. The new field of scientific research and deep processing is a glorious task entrusted to us in the new era. To this end, we still need to make unremitting efforts for it.
We will do our utmost to create a harmonious, efficient and high-quality enterprise development environment, so that each partner and all employees can fully display their talents and make their talents more effective; let customers get assured and satisfied products; let the company exert its maximum potential and Performance; openly, cooperatively and win-win, warmly welcome Chinese and foreign businessmen, colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry, and people of insight to cooperate in good faith, make progress together and create a better future!