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In the long-term production and management practice of our company, the company's senior leaders summarized and refined the system's perfect corporate mission, business philosophy, corporate vision, corporate action indicators, corporate values, and business management concepts based on future development expectations. A corporate culture system characterized by the pharmaceutical industry.
The company's vision: to build the company into a high-tech, modern pharmaceutical company that integrates standardized cultivation, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, Chinese medicine formula granules, and proprietary Chinese medicine research and development, production and sales.
Company mission: To promote the traditional Chinese medicine culture and revitalize the national traditional Chinese medicine industry, and to provide excellent Chinese herbal medicine products and services to customers around the world, and make due contributions to the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine.
Company values: integrity, rigor, hard work, innovation
The company's business philosophy:people-oriented, peace and supremacy, integrity management.
The company's corporate culture is spread: the corporate culture is internalized, solidified, and externalized; the corporate culture is disseminated and the company's image is enhanced.