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The New Year’s Day party with the theme of “Hold (Monkey) Lives in Brands and Creates Brilliance” was held in the Concord New Fa

Company news
Release time:
2015/12/28 17:23

On December 27th, the branches gathered together to hold the 2016 New Year's Day party in the new factory area of Concord. The passionate singing, hot dance, wonderful drama and other programs were released. The most surprising thing for the employees was Zhou. Always playing as the finale, the singer of the stage, the atmosphere of the scene is even more enthusiastic, and the exciting lottery is the climax of the atmosphere.

The party was a complete success with the joint efforts of the employees of the company, which fully reflected the spirit of our employees' hard work and future. I believe that all employees of our company will start from this party, bid farewell to 2015, look forward to 2016, and strive for new goals in the new year, create brilliant!

New Year’s Day party
New Year’s Day party