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Congratulations to the branch company Concord Pharmaceuticals for passing GMP certification

Company news
Release time:
2015/12/11 17:25

In November 2015, the company successfully obtained the GMP certificate. The scope of certification: tablets, hard capsules, granules (including Chinese medicine extraction)

From August 1st to 3rd, 2015, the Experts Group of On-site Inspection and Acceptance was organized by the Drug GMP Certification and Evaluation Center of Anhui Food and Drug Administration, and the Chinese patent medicine (Pearling Ganoderma Lucidum) produced by Anhui Xiehecheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Capsule, Jiangzhi Ning Granules were thoroughly reviewed and examined. Based on the principle of fairness and fairness, the expert group is in a serious and responsible manner, in accordance with the provisions of the "Good Manufacturing Practices (2010 Revision)", mainly for the company's quality management system, personnel hygiene, material storage and distribution, and plant facilities. , production management, verification and confirmation, deviation and change investigation and processing, production technology, product shipping and recall, file system and other aspects are assessed item by item. Experts can comprehensively grasp the actual situation of each item being inspected by listening to reports, comprehensively inspecting materials, inspecting the scene, collective questions, and individual spot checks, so as to obtain an objective, true and accurate evaluation. Anhui Xiehecheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The company successfully passed the new drug GMP on-site inspection and acceptance with a sound quality management system, advanced production equipment and process flow, and standardized quality management procedures.

The successful passing of this certification laid the foundation for the company to enter the Chinese patent medicine market and conformed to the company's future development strategy.

Congratulations to the branch company Concord Pharmaceuticals for passing GMP certification