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2012/01/09 13:29

"Even if there is a small wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm in Chinese medicine, this kind of medicine selection equipment can be sorted out." Yesterday, the deputy governor of Guangdong Province, Lei Yulan, led the provincial health department and other personnel to Shenzhen Heshuntang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Visiting and researching, Lei Yulan praised: "Heshuntang dares to make fine Chinese medicine, creates a brand, and forms a culture of Heshuntang. It is a great innovation."

In the Heshuntang National Medicine Museum in OCT, Lei Yulan and his entourage visited the pharmacy, the clinic, and the decocting room. When they saw the medicine window, each customer could check the “Chinese medicine decoction product barcode safety traceability system” from the computer. At the time, Lei Yulan said: "Food safety is very important, and drug safety is also very important." In the clinic, Lei Yulan learned that more than 150 "he doctors" from Heshuntang were retired old Chinese medicine practitioners from all over the country, she felt : "Heshuntang respects talents and organizes experienced retired old Chinese medicine practitioners to contribute to the masses. It is commendable!"

In the afternoon, Lei Yulan and his party rushed to the mainland's first modernized, standardized and large-scale “fine Chinese herbal medicine production base” – “Heshuntang” was located in the “Heshun Materia Medica” of the National Bio-Industrial Park in Pingshan New District. Seeing that the staff meticulously processed the fine Chinese medicine in front of the modern equipment, Lei Yulan lamented: "The province is preparing to hold a five-year conference of Chinese medicine strong province, we are investigating. Shenzhen Heshuntang introduces the chain business concept, the National Medicine Museum is spread over the beads Triangle and Hong Kong are innovations. These stores are located in the community to facilitate people to buy medicines and make contributions to the society. They dare to do fine Chinese medicine, provide the safest and best quality Chinese medicine for the people, inherit and carry forward. The tradition and essence of medicine."